Overview of services

RTrust is uniquely qualified to assist you with sourcing your real estate processes. Through a unique combination of market knowledge and domain expertise, our services integrate sophisticated tools and methodologies with comprehensive program management to help real estate companies:

  • Improve internal processes
  • Provide quicker integration of acquired portfolios
  • Collect more on receivables
  • Scale resources
  • Improve accuracy and reporting
  • Manage risk
  • Free-up internal staff

RTrust utilizes our proprietary project methodology to design, transition and optimize sourced services. Our approach ensures smooth delivery of services as well as ongoing process improvement to provide long-term expense reduction.

Our services include:

  • Lease Data Abstraction

    RTrust provides a centralized lease abstraction process staffed by professionals who specialize in commercial leases. This centralization accelerates the lease abstraction process and delivers consistent, accurate lease data across your portfolio.
  • Transaction Support

    RTrust’s transaction support services assist you with the entire transaction process, from verifying lease documents and pertinent lease data to entering data into your selected cash flow modelling tool and then into your property management system.
  • Data Quality Assurance

    RTrust provides detailed data quality assurance services with full documentation of lease data discrepancies. Our services can include update of existing property management system data based on audit results.
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modelling

    RTrust has the expertise to effectively model assets based on your lease data and model assumptions.
  • Lease Administration

    RTrust provides accurate and consistent lease administration services at reduced costs. We manage the day-to-day administration of leases, tenant billing and monthly reporting.
  • Property Accounting

    RTrust’s property accounting services are fully scalable and deliver cost effective, high quality results. Our property accounting services include Accounts Payable & Transaction Support, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliations and Financial Accounting & Reporting.
  • CAM & Tax Reconciliation

    RTrust provides complete year-end expense recovery reconciliations accurately and quickly to increase the collectability of expense recoveries.
  • Executive Reporting & Analytics

    RTrust provides transparency into processes and operations through delivery of dashboards and custom reports that show key performance indicators and service levels. Therefore you always know how your assets and operations are performing.